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About Me

I joined ADS in 2012 as an AfterCare Group Leader and substitute teacher. The practice of Conscious Discipline at the school especially drew me here. I am very passionate about the social and emotional development of children and am dedicated to helping students feel safe, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I believe this is key if students are to experience optimal growth and a natural love for life and learning.


Along with Conscious Discipline, I have had training in Natural Learning Relationships through the Summa Institute, Positive Behavior Support, Nonviolent Communication, and Awareness Through The Body.


Outside of ADS I am a musician, songwriter, and Assistant Recording/Sound Engineer. I live with my dog, Koji, who likes to be involved in my Yoga practice and help out at the recording studio. I am originally from Northern California, where I spent a lot of time in lakes, rivers, the Pacific Ocean, and redwood forests. I have a BA in English from Humboldt State University with a focus on Creative Writing and East and Southeast Asian Studies.

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Ryan Knight
Social & Emotional Learning Team