Austin Discovery School

Austin Family Reader's Poll Favorite 2018


Hello! My name is Susan McGinn & I am so excited to teach Kindergarten ela/social studies this year at  Austin Discovery School. I was born in Massachusetts and raised in San Antonio. I earned a BS in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University in 1994 and got to Austin as soon as I could. After spending some time in the hotel industry I went back to Texas State to pursue my teaching certification. In 2001, I earned a Masters Degree in Special Education with a minor in Adult Education, and full endorsement from the College of Education, to teach K through 12.  While this is my sixteenth year teaching, it is my fourth year teaching kinder at ADS. My family joined this community in 2014, when our son enrolled in kindergarten. We were drawn to the culture of creativity, the focus on earth stewardship, and the emphasis on social emotional development. I am invested in the vision of the Austin Discovery School and the community it has created. My teaching style is rooted in my respect for children and their innate curiosity and wisdom. I have a background in literacy, differentiated instruction, inquiry, community building, environmental and outdoor education. I have interests in reading and the exchange of ideas, social justice, swimming, travel, the arts, and the outdoors. These interests tend to permeate my class culture. As a Kindergarten teacher, I hope to create an environment where children can thrive, continue to grow their innate love of learning, and grow to better understand their responsibility to community. I am so grateful for the opportunity, trust, and gifts each child brings.