Austin Discovery School

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Hello and Welcome to Austin Discovery School!
To get to Austin Discovery School, turn into the old State School grounds off FM 969 when you see the big wooden ADS sign (less than a mile east of Decker Lane). Keep driving straight past KIPP Austin buildings, and the road ends at our beautiful school.
Now that you have made it to campus, here's what traffic will look like: 
1. After descending the hill and passing our gardens and food forest, you have reached the beginning of our one-way loop around campus. Turn right and choose between the right lane to park in the parent parking lot or the left lane to use the pick-up and drop-off lanes. 
2. At all times of the day, the right (outer) lane will serve as a pass-through lane around campus. If you would like to have our friendly ADS staff assist you and your child out of or into your car without having to get out, then queue in the left lane until you reach the pull-off zone along the back side of campus. There are two lanes to serve you, so we can usually keep it moving pretty well. If you are in the outside drop-off lane, we ask that you not allow your student to exit toward the roadway where traffic is still moving.  All students should exit to the interior of our campus, and staff will be there to assist your student safely to the sidewalk.
3. Staff will be on hand to assist from 7:30 A.M. until school begins at 7:50 A.M., and from dismissal at 3:05 P.M. until about 3:20 P.M. (or when the last vehicle in the queue has been loaded). Please note: If you arrive outside of these times, there will not be staff to help you, nor should you park here and leave your vehicle blocking these lanes. Please proceed back around the loop to the parent parking lot if you wish to escort your child.
4. Please do not park around the loop for any reason. 
5.  After you have dropped off/picked up your child, you will merge back onto the roadway toward the exit. Finally, after you round the final bend in our loop, you will begin to merge back into one lane of traffic toward the exit.
6. To leave our campus, head straight back up the hill and exit at this "third entrance" with the wooden sign. TURN RIGHT!! This is designated as a "no left turn" exit for your safety. Turning left without a turn lane onto the highway has proven extremely dangerous, and it hold up traffic exiting behind you. To go east, simply turn right out of the property, and take a left on Imperial Dr. where you can reroute yourself in several ways (straight-then-left to Decker, another left back to FM 969/MLK).
7. Do not tun left before our exit onto FM 969 and travel parallel to the highway as this is not property of or easement for ADS.
***Please note: ADS does not have permission to drive through KIPP Austin's private property and our community should refrain from doing so. We must respect our neighbors and help them keep their community safe as we will do for ours. 
Here are a few tips to help keep everyone safe during high traffic times:
1.  Please remember not to drop off your student or pick up your student until you are in the drop off/pick-up zone.  The zone begins just after the second set of lane delineations and continues until the crosswalk, at which point the crossing guard will help you merge back into traffic.  Please also remember to keep going down to the beginning of the drop-off/pick-up zone so that we may service as many cars as possible at the same time.
2.  Please ALWAYS use a crosswalk when crossing the street.  
3.  Please have your student sign in your window at pick-up with your student's name AND the teachers' names.  This way we can call your child quickly and have the smoothest loading procedure for the safety of all students.  Carpoolers please have all names displayed on your sign.
4. Traffic in our loop is always one way.  This means that you can't turn around and go backwards around the loop.  Please be mindful of this rule at all times so that we can keep the roadways safe for crossing children.
5. Designated Staff Parking areas need to be left available for ADS Staff Members at all times.