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Austin Discovery School is an academically rigorous public charter dedicated to fostering compassion, collaboration, and critical thinking through engaging the natural world.
Austin Discovery School is a tuition-free, innovative charter school serving children in grades K-8.
A small, community oriented school, ADS offers spacious, naturally lit, beautiful classrooms with a low student:teacher ratio. Classrooms are full of movement and social interactions as learners work cooperatively and share their knowledge with one another.
ADS features hands-on math and science and integrates literacy across the curriculum. All students attend an Essentials Class daily, which may include Eco-Wellness, Physical Education, Music, Art, Library, and/or Theater.
Students in our program master the skills necessary to demonstrate social responsibility, good health, and environmental responsibility while creating and pursuing rigorous academic goals.
There is a natural harmony when we come to appreciate and respect others, ourselves, and the environment we live in. By focusing on the whole child, ADS benefits our whole society.