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Join Us For Lunch!

ADS Community:

Welcome to the ADS Lunch Program!  We are so excited to be partnered with Revolution Foods to offer a wide variety of healthy food choices for our students.

This exciting partnership allows parents and students full control over their lunch choices.  They choose the days they would like to participate, the meals they would like to eat, and the dietary components that are most in alignment with their needs.   

Here are the highlights of the program:

  • Lunches are $4.00 per student
  • You choose your days and meals
  • Right now Revolution Foods requires a doctor's note if you wish to participate in the Gluten Free option, so please contact Ryan Jones at if you desire GF meals for your student.


If you wish to participate in the program, it's super simple to do so!  We partner with for placing the lunch orders online.  If you wish to create an account for your child, please visit MSA at  Once you're in the site, you can manage your student, deposit funds, and order meals for your student.

Managing Your Student

When you first create your account, you will need to add your student into the account with a pin that is assigned to them.  If you need that unique pin, please contact Ryan Jones at  Once you've added your child into the system, you can deposit funds and order your lunches!

Depositing Funds

Depositing of funds must happen before you are able to order your child's lunch.  You can deposit as much as you like - the balance will draw down as you add lunches for your student each time.   

***Note: Each time you add funds to your account you are charged a $2 administrative fee, so you can save money by planning for the month (or longer!) and adding your total funds.  You can add funds as often as you like, however, so the choice is yours.

Ordering Meals

To order meals you will need to be in the "Pre-Order" section of the website.  You can use the calendar by clicking on a begin date and an end date to bring up the range of dates you wish to see.  Once you have those dates individually, you will see that there are four choices: Lunch, Vegetarian Lunch, Dairy Free Lunch, and Gluten Free Lunch (doctor's note only).  Also available to you on this site are monthly menus that will show you your L, V, and DF choices for each day, so you'll need both pieces to place your student's order.  Once you have made your selection, simply choose that item on that day in your calendar, and when you have finished making your choices, check out with your shopping cart and submit your order!

****Note: Please make sure you have completely submitted your order on or before the deadline, or your child's lunch will not make it into our final count.  Deadlines are always the Monday prior to week of service at 10pm.  New monthly menus will be available around the middle of the current month for your viewing.   

****Note: If you would like to join your student for lunch on any given day, just select the teacher option for yourself on that day and we'll have your lunch ready as well!

Do You Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch?

Find out!  See the Income Eligibility Guidelines on this page and find out if your family qualifies.  If you do, fill out the Comp Ed Form, also located on this page, and turn it into Deborah Freeman. If you qualify, we can set your child up to receive this free or reduced pricing for their lunch.  The order site works exactly the same for you - we just need to do a little computer work on the back end, so be sure and let us know!

We want to hear from you!

Thank you so much for being part of this program and partnership with Revolution Foods. We would love to hear from you and your students, so please let us know what you think about the program!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time at  Thank you so much for your support as we nourish our students.  Please join us for lunch sometime!