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Volunteer Page

Austin Discovery School is a community that welcomes parent participation at all levels! Whether it is through the PTO or in response to a school request, parent volunteers help make ADS more effective towards meeting the needs of the larger community, and it is a great way to get to know other members of the community.
Volunteer Log
Volunteer Logs are a great way for ADS to gather data to show parent support and participation. This data will help us determine which efforts are successful when we evaluate our volunteer opportunities each year. In addition, high level of community and parent support through donations of time and/or money is important data to use when we apply for grants and approach potential donors from outside the community.
Thanks to a PTO volunteer parent, you can now log your volunteer hours here:
Ways to Volunteer:
Garden Owls - help us out in the garden!
Library Help - help Ms. Elizabeth catalogue books and beautify our library!
Chicken Helpers - help our Eco-Wellness team care for our chickens during holidays!
And so much more.......
Each week your PTO News for the Nest and your ADS Thursday Folder will have updated volunteer opportunities for upcoming events and plans.  We love that you want to help us grow!  Thank you!