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Austin Discovery School is a free, public school of choice. Each year delivering excellent academic experiences for our unique student population costs much more than state funding provides. In the state of Texas, charter schools like ADS receive less funds than traditional public schools.

  • No local tax revenue
  • No state aid to cover costs of buildings and facilities
  • Approximately $1000 less per student from state funds per year


ADS relies upon charitable donations and fundraisers to bridge the funding gap and provide the resources necessary to give every student an extraordinary education.

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100 Partners in 100 Days 

As a public charter school, Austin Discovery School receives less state funding than traditional public schools. Everything above state and federal funding— everything that makes ADS so special—comes from community fundraising.

Help ADS reach 100 new partners in the first 100 days of school to support our fundraising goal.

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Your Generosity Supports…

Eco-Wellness • Social & Emotional Wellness • Arts • Library • Nature Hikes
600 socially and emotionally aware, confident, critical-thinkers and problem-solvers