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What a wonderful, creative, nurturing, fun, safe, and inspiring place to be!   Every day when my son comes home, I ask, "What was your favorite thing you did today?" He says, "EVERYTHING!"
I have seen the vibrancy of ADS when volunteering in the garden and the Art room, making flowers for Dia de los Muertos and cutting skulls for the thoughtful and artful procession and concert, the high-fives by students when hiking, and teaching a STEAM lesson to Kinder with Makey Makey that turns play dough and toys into a musical instrument when run through a laptop. From the heartfelt words when the shovel went in the soil at the Groundbreaking ceremony, to the enthusiasm, respect, and creativity of the 5th graders whom I taught an Illustration workshop to a few weeks ago, I am so inspired and thankful that you have pioneered such an amazing place filled with love.
The more time I spend on campus the more I feel at home and more connected to an amazing treasure of a school.  With a younger daughter that will attend ADS in two years, I am excited for the next 11 years with ADS!  As an educator with 15 years experience in public, private, and museum settings, I truly appreciate what a special school ADS, and the work that has gone into it becoming that way.
Jen Webel
My daughter has really thrived at ADS this year. It has been a transformative experience for her.  I know that your use of Conscious Discipline has made all the difference for her. The way discipline and behavior is handled at ADS has really helped to teach her with the skills she needs to live happily with others.  She is flourishing at ADS. She loves school. She loves her teachers, and she loves her classmates. She had made countless friendships. 
So I just wanted to thank you for making ADS possible because you have really made a huge difference in our lives. 
- Jeanette Kincaid
We recently had the opportunity to join your school and after only a week at ADS, I am beyond amazed. Every parent, teacher and administrator we have come in contact with has impressed me beyond measure. I've never experienced a school culture that is so welcoming and loving.

The academic work is relevant and exciting. It's a joy seeing my daughter chomping at the bits to start work on her first project. Her teacher, Kayleigh, in only a week, has also fueled her desire to be a writer.

Academics aside, the most amazing aspect of ADS is how the community bands together to help and support one and other. The teachers and administration model how to be respectful, supportive and loving. I wish I was a better writer so I could express how much we love your school!

Lisa Dreher
ADS has made a huge difference in our life. This school functions as a community and not just an institution. Our daughter learns beyond the books. She is becoming independent, taking risks - all while building her confidence. ADS has a different, yet effective approach to education. They understand and know that kids need to be kids, but ADS allows them to explore and grow beyond the four walls. The staff is both personable and approachable.
Tori Blake