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Austin Family Reader's Poll Favorite 2018

Science Fair! January 25th! 3rd-5th Graders!

From Elizabeth, The Librarian and Science Fair Guru:
  • Science Fair for 3rd-5th grade is Friday January 25
  • Participating classrooms will set up from 8-9 am while judges are in training.
  • Judges will be in rooms from 9-10:30 am. Classrooms will be quiet (make sure your students have
    books/journals/something quiet to do while waiting for their judge).
  • ALL classes are invited to tour the 3rd-5th grade classes--from 10:30 am-noon!!
  • Awards will be outside Building 1 at noon
  • Judges will receive several gold stickers to put on boards they were particularly impressed by.
  • Since only 13 projects will go on to Regionals, this is a way for judges to let students that their
    projects were great.
  • Scoring sheets will be returned the week after the fair.