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'18-'19 School Supplies Ordering is OPEN!

It's School Supplies Time for the 2018-2019 School Year!

We are excited to once again be partnering with 1st Day School Supplies for the 2018-2019 school year! Last year was our first with this company, and it was a very successful partnership. 1st Day School Supplies is a family-run company dedicated to reducing stress on families and providing quality supplies at an affordable price. The Meadows family does well by us! ADS families reported that ordering from their website was easy and the customer support was fantastic (although rarely needed). For the ADS Operations Department, this company worked closely with Taylor to make sure the school and families had their needs exceeded.
School Supply kits are delivered directly to the school with your child's name attached and are distributed to their teacher prior to the first day of school. You just order and you're done! Sure beats fighting crowds and going to multiple stores...
In the coming weeks you will receive further information about what is included in your child's kit, how to order, the convenience that 1st Day School Supplies brings to ADS and the benefits of using this company. Look for emails from the school, flyers in your kiddo's backpacks, and signs around campus.
Of course it is by no means required that an ADS family orders their school supplies from this company. It is also not a requirement that the 'name brands' listed in the school supply kits are bought over any other brand. Our goal with partnering with any company is to provide what we see as the easiest way for you to get the supplies ADS teachers request for your child's education.
If you wish to use our partnered supplier, use 
this link through June 15th and we will take care of the rest. Our ADS website also hosts this information as well as the lists if you wish to shop independently. Click here for our website.
  • Middle School (6th-8th Grades) lists do not include the following that your student(s) will need:
    • A Binder, Trapper Keeper, Pencil Bag, or other desired method of organization
    • Writing utensils of your preference (Black/Blue Pen or Pencil only, please)
    • Various other subject-specific needs at the beginning of the year and throughout.
    • 6th and 7th Graders need a 4-function Calculator
    • 8th Graders need a Graphing Calculator (like the Texas Instruments TI-83/TI-83 Plus) to satisfy the state-required TEKS
  • 5th Grade:
    • The 3-inch binder on the list can be replaced with a "Trapper-Keeper" if the student prefers
    • Pencil Bag
    • Daily writing utensils of the students' choosing are not a part of the list
      • Black or Blue pen, or Pencil
Please contact Taylor Young at with any questions, comments, concerns, or corny jokes you may have!