nut-photoOne of the unique aspects of our school is that we take nutrition very seriously. We feel that if the children are getting a well balanced diet, they will perform better academically, will have more energy, and will be more balanced emotionally. Therefore, we’ve established strict food guidelines for lunches and snacks. Please weigh this commitment to high quality nutrition before you sign up, as it is integral to our curriculum.

We are not able to serve food yet, but we will strive to set up a commercial kitchen so we can serve organic foods and offer a lunch program with healthy lunch choices.

Nutrition Guidelines :
we ask that all students adhere to the following guidelines concerning food at school: no Lunchables, frozen kid cuisine, sodas, juice drinks that are not 100% juice, caffeinated drinks or food and no chocolate. Also please respect a low sugar policy. We also ask that you screen foods and not send items that contain the following: MSG, artificial coloring or flavorings or partially hydrogenated oils.

Helpful Articles and Links to Information on Nutrition:
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Zero Waste Lunch Initiative:

Our PTO is proud to announce AustinDiscovery School’s Zero-Waste Lunch initiative. Our long term goal is to eliminate trash going to the landfills. The average child produces 67 pounds of lunchtime trash per year. That means around 16,000 pounds of trash per year at ADS!!

How will classrooms change?  There will be fewer and smaller trash cans to encourage students and staff to think before they throw.  There will be bins for all recyclable items. Currently, the kids maintain composting buckets in every classroom and use a school-wide compost pile. This composted material is used in our own gardens! Food that cannot be composted (or takes a while) is fed to the chickens.

What you can do at home? Think before you pack your kids’ lunches. Plan to use reusable containers and water bottles.  The ADS PTO is teaming with to offer the option of purchasing Waste Free Lunch Kits (10% of all sales are given to the ADS PTO). This is just one of the many options you have to help us in attaining our goal.

Also, ADS will be the first known school in Texas to have a Zero-Waste Lunch initiative!!! What an amazing accomplishment for our school!  According to the City of Austin Update, they too are striving for zero-waste and plan to reduce by 20% the amount of trash going to landfills by 2012 and be zero-waste by 2040. One thing they will be introducing is curb-side composting! I believe if we reach out to the city and the community at large, we will get great support for the initiative.

Thanks, PTO Officers