Austin Discovery School

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Hello Everyone, and Welcome to our first year at our new campus!  We are so excited to have you all be a part of this new adventure!
We hope to be addressing some of your concerns as we move forward, and we ask for your continued patience and kindness as we continue to refine our processes.
Here's what traffic will look like:
1. You will enter the campus down Oak street (the same way as usual), and the roadway will still be a one way loop counter-clockwise around the campus. 
2.  Instead of stopping prior to the parent parking lot, you will choose (where the current first crosswalk is) whether they would like to be in the drop-off/pick-up lane, or the parking lane.  There will be signs to guide your choices, and cones delineating lanes.  People who want to park (and eventually drive through) will pull to the right, and people who want to drop-off/pick up will pull to the left.  You will then be guided all the way around back to our new drop-off/pick-up location, highlighted on the attached map.  This will allow more traffic to file into our campus, and will allow those who park to be able to do so without having to first sit through the drop-off/pick-up line.  We hope this will mitigate the wait time on 969 and on Oak street, and will allow more families to be on campus, and off, sooner and with more ease. 
3.  The right (outer) lane will now serve as a drive-thru lane, allowing those who want to park in the parent lot to do so, and then be able to exit without waiting.  There is no longer any parking in either lane of traffic around the loop.  Please do not park on the side of the road - this impedes traffic flow and really slows the entire process for everyone.
4.  Once you arrive in our new drop-off/pick-up area (you will know when you're there by a second set of signs delineating lane choices), we will guide your student into and out of your car.  There is a safer exit here for students, and we have created two mini drop off lanes to assist more cars through at a time, while still keeping all students safe.  We ask that you not allow your student to exit toward the roadway where traffic is still moving, if you are in the outside drop-off lane.  All students should exit to the interior of our campus, and staff will be there to assist your student safely to the sidewalk.
5.  After you have dropped off/picked up your child, we will guide you to merge back onto the roadway toward the exit.  And finally, after you round the final bend in our loop, you will begin to merge back into one lane of traffic toward the exit.
Once again we ask for your patience and kindness as we try to improve our process to better serve our community.   
Here are a few tips to help keep our students, and everyone, safe during high traffic times.
     1.  Please remember not to drop off your student or pick up your student until you are in the drop off/pick-up zone.  The zone begins just after the second set of lane delineations and continues until the crosswalk, at which point the crossing guard will help you merge back into traffic.  Please also remember to keep going down to the beginning of the drop-off/pick-up zone so that we may service as many cars as possible at the same time.
     2.  Please ALWAYS use a crosswalk when crossing the street.  Not only do you set a magnificent example for our students, but it's the best way for us to keep everyone safe with the level of traffic that will be concentrated in that area.  We designed it this way to maximize safety.
     3.  Please have your student sign in your window at pick-up with your student's name AND the teachers' names.  This way we can call your child quickly and have the smoothest loading procedure for the safety of all students.  Carpoolers please have all names displayed on your sign.
      4. Traffic in our loop is always one way.  This means that you can't turn around and go backwards around the loop.  Please be mindful of this rule at all times so that we can keep the roadways safe for crossing children.
Thank you to everyone in advance for their patience, kindness and compassion as we hone our traffic skills and timing.  We appreciate all the love you give the staff, who are out there working very hard to ensure the safety of all students!