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AfterCare Information:


Austin Discovery School offers an AfterCare Program from 3pm-6pm every school day.  We also offer Early AfterCare on Wednesdays from 1:50pm-3pm leading up to normal AfterCare.


Full-Time Enrollment (Monday-Friday) is only $13/day per child. 

Part-Time Enrollment (Selecting specific days of the week; i.e. Monday, Wednesday Friday) is only $14.50/day per child.

Drop-In Care* (sporadic care) is also available for $16/$20 per day per child.  Price depends on notice given.


*Drop-In Care is only available to registered AfterCare students.  Students may register for Drop-In Care Only if parents only need sporadic care but they must be registered.


EARLY RELEASE WEDNESDAYS:  If your child comes to AfterCare on a Wednesday (Full Time, Part Time or Drop-In Care), it is understood that they will either be enrolled in an enrichment class (from 2pm-3pm) or pay an additional fee to attend on Early AfterCare on Wednesdays (from 1:50pm-3pm).  Full Time AfterCare students will be charged an extra $2 per Wednesday ($15 total).  Part Time AfterCare will be charged $3 per Wednesday ($17.50 total).  Drop-In Care will be charged $4 per Wednesday ($20 or $24 total depending on notice given) This additional fee will ONLY apply if the child is NOT enrolled in an enrichment class.  Anyone enrolled in any ADS enrichment class will NOT pay the additional fee as they will be in class and not at Early AfterCare. 


Students who attend AfterCare and are not registered are charged a $25 fine per incident and if this happens multiple times, ADS reserves the right to report this behavior to CPS.


Families will receive a 10% discount on having more than 1 child enrolled in AfterCare.


How to Enroll: 

Click the link below, fill out the form, submit it online.  Once your registration is processed, you will receive an invoice from BrightWheel for the registration fee ($50 per FAMILY - not per student).  You will have 7 days from the date of the invoice to pay the registration fee.  Please note:  If you pay registration fee or your AfterCare bill online (via PayPal, Square or BrightWheel) there is an additional 3% processing fees in the 2017-2018 school year (making the total registration fee $51.50).


AfterCare Online Enrollment Form 2017-18                  


Financial Aid Information:


If you are in need of financial aid for AfterCare or Enrichment Classes, the financial aid application is now included on the enrollment form to make it one simple process.  If you have already enrolled in AfterCare and now find yourself in need of financial aid, please contact to get more information.    




For more information about our AfterCare program, please review the Online AfterCare Handbook.


Online Handbook for AfterCare 2017-18        


If you have questions after you review the handbook, please contact the ADS AfterCare Director: Jennette Everett by email:


Arts & Movement Wednesday Enrichment Classes:

ADS is excited to work with incredible community partners such as Creative Action, Groundwork Music, Capoeira Luanda, Soccer Shots, Level Up Village, Go Dance, Tinkering School, Austin Children's Choir, and ADS AfterCare to bring these great afterschool classes to the our campus on Wednesdays!  Class times vary so check the enrollment form for complete details on each class.


Arts & Movement Enrichment Instructions: ENROLL NOW!!!!

Early Owl Enrollment (by June 1)
  1. Become an Early Owl ($12 Classes*): Fill out the "Arts & Movement Wednesday Enrollment Form Fall 2017." Remember the Early Owl gets the class they want AND reduced prices! First come, first served enrollment.
  2. All Early Owls: Look for an e mailed invoice from Brightwheel for the Enrichment Deposit by June 8th.
  3. All Early Owls: Pay your first invoice for the deposit by June 15th. (Cash, check, PayPal or bank transfers through Brightwheel)
  4. All Early Owls: Pay your second invoice for the remaining balance by August 21st
  5. All Early Owls: Ask your student about their great first Arts & Movement Enrichment on Wednesday, August 23rd when you pick them up!
Regular Enrollment (June 2 - August 25)
  1. Regular Registration ($15 Classes*): Fill out the "Arts & Movement Wednesday Enrollment Form Fall 2017." First come, first served enrollment. August 25th deadline to register.
  2. Regular Registration: Look for an e mailed invoice from Brightwheel for your Enrichment Class after August 10th.
  3. Regular Enrollment: Pay your full invoice by August 21st. (Cash, check, PayPal or bank transfers through Brightwheel)
  4. Regular Enrollment: Ask your student about their great first Arts & Movement Enrichment on Wednesday, August 23rd when you pick them up!
*Financial aid is available. Please see Arts & Movement Wednesday Enrollment Form Fall 2017 for more details.  Enrollment form includes a financial aid application.



ADS Day Camps for Holidays/Breaks:

Austin Discovery School offers all day camps on almost all holidays/breaks from 7:30am-6pm.  For more information about our ADS Day Camp Program or to enroll in an ADS Day Camp, please review the Camp Information Form:


ADS Day Camp Information/Enrollment Form


PG/PG-13 Movie Permission Forms:

In an effort to appeal to some of our older students (Grades 4-8) on Fun Fridays (Bad Weather Days, Camps and Parents Night Out too!), we would like to offer some specific movies that are rated PG/PG-13.  We would like your permission to do that.  Click the link below to complete an authorization form for your child(ren). You can specify certain movies or choose all.  To be clear, we will always offer a G-Rated Movie as an option in one classroom and a PG/PG-13-Rated Movie in a different classroom.  Without a permission slip on file, the only movies we would allow your child to watch would be any “G” Rated Movie.  Other than G rated movies, we will not screen any movies that aren’t on our specific list on the form, even if they are rated PG/PG-13.    We normally base the movie selection based on the restrictions of the kids in that particular classroom so that no one is excluded.  


PG/PG-13 Movie Permission Form


Please Note: All K/1 Students normally are only allowed to watch “PG” Rated Movies at Parents Night Out (if a permission slip is on file)!  K/1 will normally only be allowed the "G" Movies at Camp and AfterCare (even if a permission slip is on file).


Questions?  Concerns?

Contact me via email:





“Discovery” Talks:

Once or twice a month, I’d like to invite different parents to sign up to come in and talk to the AfterCare classes.  Parents could give a talk about their careers, traveling, hobbies, etc.  Anything that you think the kids might find interesting.  Parents would prepare 10-15 minute talk about their subject matter and then do a Q&A with the kids.  Parents could bring souvenirs/objects for a show & tell session as part of their talk or even photos if the talk was about a travel destination.  Depending on the subject matter, we can limit this to certain age groups or open it to all ages. 


If you have an idea for a “Discovery” Talk or want more information, please contact me: