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AfterCare Information:


Austin Discovery School offers an AfterCare Program from 2:45pm-6pm every school day. 


Full-Time Enrollment (Monday-Friday) is only $13/day per child. Part-Time Enrollment (Selecting specific days of the week; i.e. Monday, Wednesday Friday) is only $14/day per child. Families will receive a 10% discount on having more than 1 child enrolled in AfterCare.


How to Enroll: 

Click the link below, fill out the form, submit it online and pay your registration fee ($50).  You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is processed.  Please note:  If you pay registration fee or your AfterCare bill online (via PayPal, Square or BrightWheel) there are additional processing fees in the 2016-2017 school year.


Online Enrollment Form                   (Online Enrollment Form in Spanish)


Financial Aid Information:


If you are in need of financial aid for AfterCare Services, please follow the link below for the Online Financial Aid Application.  Financial Aid Application will only be considered complete once the required documentation is on file with ADS.  Click on the application below for details.


Online Financial Aid Form                (Online Financial Aid Form in Spanish)




For more information about our AfterCare program, please review the Online AfterCare Handbook.


Online Handbook for AfterCare         (Online Handbook for AfterCare in Spanish)


If you have questions after you review the handbook, please contact the ADS AfterCare Director: Jennette Everett by email:



ADS Day Camps for Holidays/Breaks:

Austin Discovery School offers all day camps on almost all holidays/breaks from 7:30am-6pm.  For more information about our ADS Day Camp Program or to enroll in an ADS Day Camp, please review the Camp Information Form:


ADS Day Camp Information/Enrollment Form


PG Movie Permission Forms:

In an effort to appeal to some of our older students (Grades 2-8) on Fun Fridays (Camps and Parents Night Out too!), we would like to offer some specific movies that are rated PG.  We would like your permission to do that.  Click the link below to complete an authorization form for your child(ren). You can specify certain movies or choose all.  To be clear, we will always offer a G-Rated Movie as an option in one classroom and a PG-Rated Movie in a different classroom.  Without a permission slip on file, the only movies we would allow your child to watch would be any “G” Rated Movie.  Other than G rated movies, we will not screen any movies that aren’t on our specific list on the form, even if they are rated PG.  


PG Movie Permission Form


Please Note: All K/1 Students will only be allowed to watch “PG” Rated Movies at Parents Night Out (if a permission slip is on file)!  K/1 will only be allowed the "G" Movies at Camp and AfterCare.


Questions?  Concerns?

Contact me via email:





Community Service Project:

The ADS AfterCare Program will be doing a “Penny Harvest” during the 2016-2017 school year.  We are asking families to have a penny jar at their home to collect coins (specifically pennies but any coins are allowed).  At any time, the kids can bring them to school and add them to the “Penny Jars” located in each AfterCare Classroom.  At the end of the school year, the students will come together to vote on a community service project to help better the community.  Students will add up the funds that they raised throughout the year and decide on a project that they can do to help the community.  As few as 25 pennies a month from each child will go a long way to helping make this project a success.    Let’s show our students that even a penny can make a difference!


“Discovery” Talks:

Once or twice a month, I’d like to invite different parents to sign up to come in and talk to the AfterCare classes.  Parents could give a talk about their careers, traveling, hobbies, etc.  Anything that you think the kids might find interesting.  Parents would prepare 10-15 minute talk about their subject matter and then do a Q&A with the kids.  Parents could bring souvenirs/objects for a show & tell session as part of their talk or even photos if the talk was about a travel destination.  Depending on the subject matter, we can limit this to certain age groups or open it to all ages. 


If you have an idea for a “Discovery” Talk or want more information, please contact me: