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End Of The Year Art Show! (SPARK Night)

When: June 7 (SPARK NIGHT!!) 3:30-6 p.m.
Who: all K-8 art students 
Where: ADS library
What: Student's Framed Artwork $25/ Payable CASH OR CHECK
Hint: It's really the FRAME that will be "for sale;" if a family chooses not to buy the framed piece (they want to frame it themselves) they will get the art back later (they will get a message when the art has returned to the school unframed and when they can pick it up).
It's a fundraiser! All proceeds go to the Art Department! All purchases must be made by the end of the show! 

The company Artome' will be framing, setting up, and taking down the show!  We need volunteers to assist to make it a REAL art show - to help with refreshments and sell the art.  We'd love people to volunteer to:
  • Donate/ make art show "finger food" and general refreshments
  • Help sell art
  • Help students locate their art piece
  • Answer questions
  • Look artistic and talk about how hard the kids worked and what an amazing job they did
E-mail Juliet to volunteer: